Welcome To The NEVA MARIE Experience!

We are creating a world of fashion where plus sized women feel more confident to show off their styles, the way they love it. 

We achieve this with our BOLD prints and form flattering style lines that the fashion industry has frowned upon for the plus size body types, Our COLORFUL hues that have been deemed unflattering for the plus size body, and last but not least CULTURAL elements. Our brand will always have some kind of cultural and or ethnic print or style in our designs. Because Neva Marie Designs is not your average plus size brand



NEVA MARIE is an artist and lover of fashion since childhood.

Born into a family of creators in St.Louis, Mussouri, Neva's creativity began to blossom at the age of 13, when she learned how to sew. 

 Her aunt was a master seamstress and despite learning the skill at a young age, Neva did not realize that it was her true calling until 2001.

Neva's fashion journey truly began when at the age of 24, she got frustrated with finding clothing that fit her correctly and matched her personal style. In order to keep standing out of the crowd and keep owning her precious tag of a 'Diva', she had to produce her own style which includes unusual prints, patterns and designs that most people would never consider wearing. 

Neva’s outgoing, spirited personality matches her style, which defies the notion that plus size women should shy away from bold transparent textiles, eye-catching designs and other “unflattering” styles of clothing.

The Precious Journey To  Neva Marie Designs

A problem-solver, Neva realized that with her own ability to sew and true sense of fashion, she could in fact create her own designs.

Eventually, Neva’s wardrobe consisted mostly of pieces that were handcrafted by herself. She  proudly walked the streets of LA, which to her, served as a personal runway.

Before long, she noticed the increasing compliments she received on the items she wore and was flattered by the shocked reactions of inquirers who realized she created the designs herself.

It did not take long for Neva to begin creating clothes for others and just like that, Neva Marie Designs was born!

Since its creation, Neva Marie Designs has helped thousands of plus size women look and feel their best with collections of classic, bold pieces that are comfortable and stylish. With over 24 years in the business, Neva Marie Designs has been featured in various fashion blogs and editorials such as Obvious Magazine and Essence Magazine.

Influencers such as Nikki Free have proudly worn Neva Marie Designs as well as countless other fabulous plus size women across the country.

Neva currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia where she continues to create eye catching designs for her business and hopes to dominate the global fashion scene.

Our Values


As a brand after the heart of many plus sized women out there, we are always striving to create a different feeling through our designs. We are proud to say that our designs are unique to us. 


Creativity is the central pillar of everything we do at Neva Marie. We are always finding new creative juices to produce the most fashionable and amazing products you can ever get on the market. 


At Neva Marie, we value our relationship with our clients. So we make sure to deliver professional services from order placement, through production, delivery and addressing your concerns. 

Neva Marie continues to shape the world of Plus Size Fashion one FABULOUS design at a time!

Welcome to a whole new fashion experience!